Eyelid Surgery

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The thin, delicate tissue surrounding the eye area is often the first to show signs of facial aging. Many men and women who want to correct the look of wrinkles, sagging, puffiness, or under eye hollows visit our office to discuss eyelid surgery in Palm Desert. Our surgeons perform this procedure to improve the upper or lower eyelids and refresh a tired appearance.

Cosmetic Surgery Institute offers several options for facial rejuvenation. To find out if eyelid surgery in the Palm Springs area is right for you, Request a complimentary consultation online or call (760) 837-0364.

Real Patient Results

Real Patient Results


Our Approach

Cosmetic Surgery Institute takes a comprehensive approach to eyelid surgery in order to treat a broad range of eye concerns. Unlike traditional eyelid surgery, which involves only the removal of skin from the upper or lower lids, our surgeons include the use of lasers and fat transfers to treat additional problems such as under eye hollowness or crepey skin around the eyes. Not only will you appear more alert and approachable after surgery, but your results will continue to improve over the next several months.

To view real results from some of our eyelid surgery patients, visit our photo gallery.

Your Choices

What can be done about puffiness or hollowness under the eyes?

Chronic under eye puffiness is often the result of genetic factors and cannot be corrected through the use of creams or cosmetic products. In these situations, lower eyelid surgery is generally performed to permanently reduce the look of under eye bags.

Eyes that appear "sunken" or hollow are frequently the result of facial volume loss, which occurs with aging or weight loss. A fat transfer can help to restore fullness to the under eye area for a more youthful appearance and may even reduce dark circles in some cases.

How can I improve the look of forehead creases?

Sometimes, our doctors perform a variation on brow lift surgery that elevates the brows 45 degrees, thereby widening the distance between the brows, restoring the brow arch, and minimizing creases between the eyebrows and on the forehead.

Will my insurance cover eyelid surgery?

Some people may experience vision problems due to "hooding" of the upper eyelid. Cosmetic Surgery Institute can help correct this problem by removing excess skin and tissue and then tightening the upper eyelid to create a firmer contour. After eyelid surgery, our patients often experience a better range of vision with less obstruction. They comment on their improved night vision and driving skills, overall decrease in tension headaches, and increased energy levels, all secondary to de-bulking of the upper eyelids. The good news is that eyelid surgery for patients with functional concerns specified in a visual field exam from an optometrist will, in most circumstances, be paid for at least partially by health insurance plans.

If I'm not ready for surgery, what nonsurgical options are available?

Cosmetic Surgery Institute also offers several injectable treatments to rejuvenate your appearance without surgery, including BOTOX® Cosmetic, facial fillers, and laser skin resurfacing. These treatments are also effective after your surgery and can help maintain or improve your results.

About Our Doctors

Plastic surgeons Dr. Mo Zakhireh and Dr. Clark Taylor balance art and science using innovative procedures with skillful execution. Under their experienced direction, you can become the best version of yourself.

Dr. Taylor Dr. Mo Zakhireh Request your consultation View Before and After Photos

Our Doctors

Plastic surgeons Dr. Mo Zakhireh and Dr. Clark Taylor balance art and science using innovative procedures with skillful execution. Under their experienced direction, you can become the best version of yourself.

Dr. Mo Zakhireh Dr. Clark Taylor

What to Expect

General anesthesia is most often used during eyelid surgery for your comfort. Your surgeon will first mark the area to be treated so as to minimize the appearance of scars. Then, small incisions are made in the upper or lower eyelids (usually along the lash line) and excess skin, fat, and tissue is removed. If a fat transfer is being performed, your surgeon will place the fat graft into the appropriate location for added volume.

Tiny bandages may be applied to the eye area after surgery to promote healing. Your surgeon may recommend antibiotic eye drops for up to a week and a half after surgery and may also provide an ointment to prevent eye dryness. Usually, most people can return to their day-to-day activities within a few days. Moderate bruising and swelling will begin to fade over the next 2 weeks.

Enhancing Your Look

Eyelid surgery is often complemented by nonsurgical treatments like BOTOX Cosmetic and injectable fillers. For full facial rejuvenation, a facelift can also refresh a tired appearance and provide additional benefits.

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