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M.Z. is a 60 year old female from Rancho Mirage, CA who also happens to be my mother. I never thought I would operate on friends and family until I referred my mom and aunt to 2 very well known plastic surgeons and they had unsatisfactory results. Now they were both mad at me and I was stuck with the task of correcting their surgeries. After that experience, I learned my lesson and realized it was less stressful to do the original surgery on friends and family than the correction. With that said, my mom was just looking old when she looked in the mirror and in turn was starting to act old too. She was interested in face and neck lift surgery in the Palm Springs area and she found her surgeon!

During her consultation, I noted that her youthful cheekbones had now been taken by gravity and been pulled down to her jowls actually pulling down the corners of her mouth, giving her a sad look. Also the upper eyelids were getting quite heavy and her lower lid tear troughs were now hollow. Looking at my mom with critical eyes, Now I noted that she had quite a bit of sun damage to her skin.

During her face and neck lift, blepharoplasty, fat to face and laser surgery in out Palm Desert office, I first proceeded to take the excess skin from the upper lids, then added fat to her hollow tear troughs in the lower lid area. Then I tightened the muscles of her face and neck without cutting out skin. This by the way is the secret to having very natural results without the pulled look. I was able to get a very graceful pull and really restored her full cheeks and cleaned up her neck line. Last but not least I did a light Erbium laser on her to take away the sun damage.

Her recovery was uneventful and she did very well. She came in for post operative pictures 6 weeks after and was amazed at the before and after pictures. Of course you have to know my mom. To this day she insists that I touched up her before pictures to make her look much older than she actually was. Love you mom!

Surgeon: Dr. Mo Zakhireh
Patient Age: 60
Patient Gender: Female

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