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J.M. is a 65 year old female from LaQuinta, CA. She was referred to us by her local physician in the area. She is a business owner and works long hours. Lately she has noted that she looks old and tired when she looks in the mirror. She is interested in face and neck lift, upper lid blepharoplasty, fat graft surgery in the Palm Springs area.


During her consultation, I noted that the patient’s youthful cheeks had been taken by gravity and brought down to her jowls. Also, her neck was loose with banding and her mid face was hollow. The patient’s upper lids were notably heavy and her skin had visible sun damage.


During this patient’s face and neck lift, upper lid blepharoplasty, fat graft, Erbium Sciton laser surgery in our Palm Desert office, I first removed the excess skin from her upper eyelids. Then I proceeded to add fat back to the hollow mid face areas including the lower lids. I then proceeded to tighten the muscles and soft tissues of the face and neck and finished with a light Erbium Sciton laser to erase years of sun damage.


This patient went on to heal remarkably well. She really evolved and changed her style and became very hip and sassy. She was first a very hard edged business woman and as she got to know us and we knew her, she was so kind hearted and loving a lady.

Surgeon: Dr. Mo Zakhireh
Patient Age: 65
Patient Gender: Female

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