3 Reasons to APEELE™ this Winter

Apeele winter

The weather outside may not be too frightful here in Southern California, but the days are definitely getting shorter. The changing of seasons is the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your skin and diminish unwanted damage left over from summer. At our plastic surgery practice in Palm Desert, we often recommend a special chemical peel that is loved by both our patients and our staff members.

The APEELE treatment offers an effective blend of skin-stimulating ingredients that work to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate age and sun spots, and treat acne and scarring. Plus, there is no better time than now to get APEELE. Here are 3 major reasons why winter is the best time for your rejuvenating treatment:

1. Shorter days and less sunshine: Like we said, it’s not exactly freezing here in Riverside County. But that doesn’t mean your skin care regimen can’t reflect the cooler weather and shorter days! The powerful ingredients in peels make your skin extra sensitive and susceptible to sun damage. Therefore, it’s best to have a peel done at a time when you won’t be outside and exposed to the elements for long. With the short days and increased time indoors, winter is the perfect season to receive the treatment and avoid any potential damage caused by the sun.

2. More clothes and coverage: Chemical treatments such as APEELE cause skin to crave extra protection, whether from soft layered fabrics or powerful sunscreens and moisturizers. Lucky for you, it’s just the right time to bust out the long sleeve shirts and scarves to protect treated skin on your chest and neck. And with the dry winter, you’ll already be prepared to use a top-quality moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. If you receive your treatment now, you won’t have to change up your outfit or routine much more than normal, so feel free to wear your favorite infinity scarf all day long!

3. Beautiful skin for the holidays: You’re going to love how supple and young your skin appears after your peel. It’ll give you a gorgeous glow to go with the right dress for your holiday parties and gatherings. If you’re worried about your peel recovery time conflicting with holiday events, remember the treatment takes just a short time to apply in our office. After that, your skin will need only a few days to reveal results, so it’s great for patients with busy schedules.

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APEELE winter

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