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Mommy Makeover
(Combination Procedures)

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Pregnancy often takes a toll on the body: the breasts lose volume and begin to drop, the abdominal skin and muscles stretch and become loose, and excess fat accumulates in the hips, buttock, and thighs. At Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we have designed a comprehensive surgery to correct the after-effects of pregnancy. This combination of plastic surgery procedures, known as a "Mommy Makeover," helps Riverside and Palm Springs women renew their bodies.

Childbirth affects every woman differently, and your surgery should be tailored to address your personal concerns. Cosmetic Surgery Institute is committed to providing individualized care for your unique needs Request a complimentary consultation online or call (760) 837-0364 to discuss your options.

Real Patient Results



Our Approach

Our surgeons use a revolutionary procedure that can include a tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast augmentation or other breast enhancement procedure to minimize the effects of pregnancy. Although these are the most commonly chosen procedures for a Mommy Makeover, our surgeons may also suggest other surgeries or treatments depending on your goals.

A Mommy Makeover can be performed as early as 3 months after breastfeeding and pregnancy, and the results can be truly life changing. Many of our plastic surgery patients report an improvement in body image and self-confidence after their procedure and experience a new outlook on life. Our surgeons view every Mommy Makeover as an opportunity for positive transformation. We take pride in creating results that surpass your expectations and leave you feeling beautiful and self-confident

To view real results from some our Mommy Makeover patients, visit our photo gallery.

Mommy Makeover Surgery

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Your Choices

What are my procedure options?

A Mommy Makeover combines specific procedures that target areas of the body affected by pregnancy, such as the abdomen and breasts. Typically, this includes breast augmentation, breast lift, and liposuction or a tummy tuck. However, some of our Mommy Makeovers include facelift or injectable treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic to refresh a tired appearance. Your specific surgery will be customized to meet your needs.

Will my surgeries be performed simultaneously?

Although most Mommy Makeover procedures are performed at the same time, they don't have to be. Our patients typically choose to have their surgeries simultaneously to avoid a second procedure and additional recovery time. You can schedule your procedures to fit your lifestyle.

I have not had children. Can I still benefit from a Mommy Makeover?

You do not need to have experienced pregnancy to benefit from a combination of procedures like those included in a Mommy Makeover. Many men and women have multiple concerns that they would like to address, and our surgeons can work with you to develop a plan that will leave you feeling healthy and beautiful.

I'm interested in a Brazilian butt lift. Is that considered a combination procedure?

Yes, the Brazilian butt lift is an increasingly popular way to enhance the buttocks. It combines liposuction and fat transfer techniques to enhance the shape. It is an excellent option for someone who has localized areas of excess fat, typically in the thighs, waist, or abdominal area.

Our Doctors

What to Expect

Before surgery, you will be expected to be in good health and at a stable weight for several months. Due to the high level of intricacy involved in combination procedures, general anesthesia is used most often. Your surgeon will then perform the procedures you have chosen in an efficient order to reduce downtime. Typically, this procedure can take several hours.

Because of the additional downtime needed for combination surgeries, it is best to allow yourself 2 full weeks for recovery. Your surgeon will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions to ensure that you heal properly. Your results will start to develop over the next several weeks with full results appearing in about 3 months.

Breast Augmentation During a Mommy Makeover
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To view more videos, visit our video gallery.

Enhancing Your Look

Many combination Palm Springs and Riverside area cosmetic plastic surgery procedures also include facial sculpting such as a facelift and neck lift or eyelid surgery. Medical spa treatments such as BOTOX Cosmetic can also provide temporary enhancements without downtime..


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