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Breast Augmentation

Many women who visit Cosmetic Surgery Institute for breast augmentation in Palm Desert from Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, and other surrounding cities choose surgery to feel more feminine, beautiful, and proportional. Whether your goal is to restore lost volume after pregnancy, correct asymmetries, or simply feel more confident in clothing or swimwear, our surgeons are committed to providing you with natural results that flatter your body.

Our experienced surgeons are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about breast augmentation. Request a complimentary consultation online or call (760) 837-0364 to discuss your options.

Real Patient Results



Our Approach

The surgeons and staff at Cosmetic Surgery Institute believe that your breast augmentation procedure should be comfortable, safe, and rewarding from start to finish. To do this, we make ourselves available to you throughout the entire process to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We offer a progressive approach to pain management, providing our patients with pain medication and anti-inflammatories the day before surgery to minimize discomfort.

Our surgeons use very gentle surgical techniques during tissue dissection to reduce muscle spasms, minimize blood loss, and facilitate more rapid healing. Only 4% of our patients require post-operative narcotic pain medication and many of our patients go out to dinner the night of their procedure. Our surgeons use similar techniques when approaching breast reconstruction after mastectomy. We understand how important it is to for our patients to get back to daily life quickly and comfortably.

To view real results from some our breast augmentation patients, visit our photo gallery.

Breast Enhancement Plastic Surgery | Palm Desert | River Side | Orange County

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Your Choices

How do I determine the right size?

At Cosmetic Surgery Institute, our philosophy is to ensure that the body is well balanced. When helping you choose the right implant size, we take the time to educate you about your anatomy and physique and make suggestions regarding how to aesthetically balance your body and accentuate your shape. We offer bras with special sizing cups for a more accurate representation of your results.

During your consultation, implant sizers are placed inside the bra to show the different levels of enhancement that can be achieved. We encourage you to bring several outfits to try on during the sizing process. Additionally, friends or loved ones are also welcome during this time to provide multiple perspectives.

What implant options are available?

Cosmetic Surgery Institute offers the latest generation of leak-resistant silicone implants. Also known as "gummy bear" implants for their cohesive texture, these breast implants provide a soft feel and natural look and have a strong history of safety. Saline implants are not usually recommended because they are more prone to complications such as "rippling" later on.

How will my implants be placed?

Typically, for the most natural result, our surgeons suggest placing the implant beneath the pectoralis muscle. This way, the muscle acts as a protective cover over the implant while also massaging the implant to keep it soft – potentially preventing capsular contracture (hardening of the scar tissue). Mammography screenings in women with implants placed beneath the muscle are easier to review as well.

Where will my scars be located?

Our surgeons prefer to place the implant through the shortest, most direct route to optimize outcomes. Typically, this is through the breast crease or inframammary fold. Unlike incisions made through the nipple or areola, an incision made in the inframammary fold avoids damage to major blood vessels and nerves, preserves sensation and functionality of the nipple, and uses a natural body crease to hide the incision.

Our Doctors

What to Expect

Most breast augmentation procedures are performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. Your surgeon will make an incision in the breast crease and then place the implant beneath the muscle. A long-acting pain medication is applied to the pectoralis muscle during surgery, which allows the muscle to heal in a more relaxed manner and provides a softer result.

Some swelling, bruising, or soreness is typical after surgery but will decline over the next several days. Because of the gentle surgical techniques used at Cosmetic Surgery Institute, you should be able to resume your normal daily activities in about a week. More strenuous exercise or heavy lifting should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks.

Enhancing Your Look

After breast augmentation, many of our patients also choose a tummy tuck or liposuction to provide further improvements to their body contours. We also suggest nonsurgical procedures such as laser skin resurfacing to reduce scarring and smooth the skin.

To learn more about the techniques we use for this procedure and find the answers to common questions, please view our Breast Augmentation FAQ.

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