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Brazilian Butt Lift

People who want to enhance their curves and accentuate their figures can rely on an innovative procedure called a Brazilian butt lift. Palm Desert plastic surgeon Dr. Mo Zakhireh specializes in the Brazilian butt lift technique, which augments a patient's buttocks using fat taken from another part of the body through liposuction. This approach is ideal for those who have trouble shaping and toning their buttocks through exercise and who envision beautiful, natural-looking results.

Come in to learn more about why the Brazilian butt lift is becoming so popular throughout the Palm Springs area. Request a complimentary consultation online or call (760) 837-0364 to discuss your options with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mo Zakhireh.

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Our Approach

The surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery Institute approach each procedure with a surgical plan that combines your specific cosmetic goals with the technical skill and aesthetic vision they have refined through training and experience. Dr. Zakhireh begins by physically assessing your skin and fatty tissues to determine the best areas of the body to perform liposuction for the butt augmentation.

Dr. Zakhireh performs this procedure in Palm Desert at our state-of-the-art surgical suite. During the liposuction portion of the procedure, he uses very fine surgical tubes called Capistrano Precision Cannulas to efficiently remove fat. Dr. Zakhireh then employs a very careful process of purifying the fat so that it remains viable. In the final stage, he uses thin needles to inject the fat into strategic areas to reshape your buttocks.

We believe in the value of thorough planning and candid conversations from the first consultation to keep you fully informed.

Your Choices

What's the difference between a Brazilian butt lift and traditional butt augmentation?

In a Brazilian butt lift, now the preferred technique for contouring this area of the body, the shape is enhanced using fat taken from another part of the body. Traditional augmentation techniques often included the use of silicone buttock implants. Fat is preferred because it creates a far more natural look and feel, and it allows for much more customization based on each patient's shape.

How much fat is needed for a Brazilian butt lift?

The specific answer depends on the patient's aesthetic goals. Because the fat is purified after it's removed and not all of the fat injected into the buttocks will survive, the supply of fat necessary is much greater than what is ultimately used in the procedure.

Where will my scars be located?

Hernia repair surgery is an extremely safe, common surgery that's performed thousands of times annually. The main risks associated with the procedure are similar to those of other surgeries and can include infection, reaction to anesthesia, and nerve damage. These risks are minimized when the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon.

What if I don't have enough fat to get the results I want?

That situation is relatively common, particularly among patients who exercise often to stay fit. In some cases, we actually advise patients to gain a bit of weight so that enough fat is available for buttock augmentation. We can assess your needs at a consultation.

What does a Brazilian butt lift cost?

As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, several factors influence the final price of a Brazilian butt lift. The extensiveness of the surgery is the major deciding factor for most of our patients. Cost is always a consideration when selecting a surgeon, but it shouldn't be the primary reason for your choice. Brazilian butt lift surgery requires a physician with a trained aesthetic eye and experience in the procedure. Our surgeons offer financing options to ensure our deserving patients can make their goals a reality.

Our Doctors

What to Expect

The Brazilian butt lift operation begins with liposuction, which, depending on the extent of the surgery, may be performed under general anesthesia or using a local anesthetic with sedation. Dr. Zakhireh marks the target areas and then makes small incisions. In some cases, he takes fat from the abdomen, thighs, hips, or back, but it's also common for Dr. Zakhireh to simply move fat from one area of the buttocks to another to create a rounder, more lifted shape. During the liposuction stage, he injects a sterile solution mixed with an anesthetic to help swell the fatty tissue, reduce bleeding, and limit any discomfort. Dr. Zakhireh then inserts a cannula to gently break up the fatty tissue and suction it away.

The next step is purifying the fat to remove blood cells and other tissue before it is injected at different sites around the buttocks. Because a percentage of the fat cells don't survive the transfer process and are naturally expelled from the body, the initial results often appear larger than expected. During the next several weeks and months, you'll begin to see the final results emerge.

Enhancing Your Look

Because liposuction is an integral part of the Brazilian butt lift, patients benefit both from the enhanced buttocks and the slimming effect elsewhere in the body. In some cases, patients may want to combine other procedures with Brazilian butt lift surgery to further enhance their curves. Popular choices include breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery.

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